Three Ways To Tell A Freight Broker Is Working For You

Posted By Noelle Walker on Apr 10, 2018 |

When it comes to expanding your business, a freight broker is a key component. They will put you in touch with transport companies and organise the transportation of your products from your shelves to the hands of your customers.

The problem with brokers is how do you know they are working for you? You might think they are doing nothing, and just let things take their course. And in some cases, they might be. So to prove that a freight broker is working for you, here are three things you should look out for:

1) They Embrace The Latest Technology To Give You The Best Service

Technology is part and parcel of the workplace. What you want to know is if the freight broker you are hiring is committed to using the latest technology to give you the best results. That means keep tracking of your shipments, using data to analyse the best interstate freight pallet transport for your products and assessing if you are to reach your destination earlier than ever. The more technology they use, the better results they can give you when it comes to freighting your products across the country or overseas.

2) Commits Time To You & Your Business

You want a freight broker that is actually going to commit time to you and your business. How do you know they are going to do that? You see the results! If they are improving all the time or remaining steady, then you know they are fully focused on ensuring that your business is at its best when it comes to all aspects of your freight, from the loading of the stock to the road freight across Melbourne. More so, if they communicate with you on a consistent basis (more on that below), you know they are focusing on your operations!

3) Clear & Concise Communication About Everything

If there is one thing you want in a business relationship is a company that is committed to providing you with constant updates. There is nothing worse than being left out of the lurch during key moments and decisions. The same logic applies to your freight broker; you want to hear from them about all the big and little things that happen – good or bad! This way, you will be able to manage your business and you know what is happen elsewhere. More so, you know that the freight broker is always working on your operations to ensure you get the best service!