Car Sharing Explained

Car sharing compared to owning, renting or cabs

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What is car sharing?

Car sharing is an environmentally friendly, low cost and no hassle alternative to car ownership, car hire and catching taxi cabs.

Car Sharing services like Charter Drive have a network of cars in both on-street (thanks to local councils) and off-street parking bays (or pods) around the city. Not only are these parking bays dedicated for Charter Drive members, but they’re are also free of charge! This is obviously a major win for city slickers, given the limited amount and the astronomical costs of parking.

Like many car share services, Charter Drive gives its members 24/7 self-service access to its car fleet. Bookings are made online or by phone and cars opened with the swipe of membership access card. Learn more about how car sharing works…

It becomes self-evident when analysing the table below that, unless you have a unique need that requires you to own a car (e.g. live far from public transport), there is really no good reason to do so. Find out if car sharing is for you…