Business Car Sharing

Business Driving

Charter Drive is a money and time-saving alternative to taxis, pooled car fleets, hire cars, rental cars, employee reimbursement and staff parking provision.

The most practical option for meetings outside of the CBD, Charter Drive provides self-service access to a diverse fleet of cars, 24/7. Online booking and smart card access makes Charter Drive as simple and seamless as drawing cash from an ATM.

With Charter Drive, you get all the convenience of having a fleet of cars, but without the fixed costs, depreciation and hassles – plus it’s off balance sheet. And if you don’t already have Charter Drive cars right outside your office, we can probably locate cars directly in your office car park.

Our rates include fuel, parking and insurance. And for businesses with more than 10 drivers, we can tailor a plan to suit your organisation’s particular needs.

Employee Benefits

Good corporate citizenship

Charter Drive is an easy way for businesses to extend their sustainable business practices beyond the company’s borders, by introducing our low-cost, eco-friendly private transport service to your employees. Charter Drive engages with your HR departments to provide a Car Share Offer that adds value to the lives of your employees and ultimately your business.

An offer to employees at zero cost-to-company

Charter Drive offers a range of discount packages for companies that would like to offer Membership to their employees.

Company or novated lease car opt-out

Charter Drive is a tax-efficient, eco-friendly alternative to a company car. Employees choosing to use Charter Drive rather than a company car or novated lease can literally save thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars each and every year. Plus there is no Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT).

Tenant Amenity

Federal, State and local governments support car sharing because of its proven ability to reduce traffic congestion, on- and off-street parking pressure and CO2 and particulate pollution. From the developer’s point of view, the key benefits of car sharing are:

  • Strengthening the DA and increasing the likelihood of gaining planning permission
  • Addressing a specific concern of local council or ‘public good’ requirement
  • Improving saleability of units with no or minimal parking
  • Reducing the build cost and construction time by doing away with the need for costly underground parking provision
  • Contribute towards reducing the environmental impact of the development
  • Achieve higher Green Star points

Charter Drive has extensive experience in integrating car sharing into commercial and residential developments and maximising the scheme’s benefits for all stakeholders.

What’s the process?

If you’re planning a development or community – now’s the time to speak to us. Integrating Charter Drive at the planning stage ensures maximum stakeholder return. If your building already exists, there are many ways to leverage the value of car sharing.  Speak to our knowledgable business development team to determine what’s best for your building.

Car Sharing Fleet

Driving awareness, driving savings

Charter Drive’s branded fleet (known as Smartpilots) is, without doubt, Australia’s lowest cost car sharing service – or for that matter car hire service. By combining the economy and efficiency of car sharing, with the support of like-minded third party advertisers, Charter Drive is able to generate even more savings for members.